BAYOU CITY ENDURANCE CONSULTING - "I have met my hero, and he is me."   - George Sheehan
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Individualized Coaching for Beginners,
Mid-Pack, and Advanced Runners
Why a Run Coach?
"A basketball player doesn’t practice his free throw shooting by doing slam dunks all over the place. He does it by practicing free throws. That’s the attitude we take: You don’t get better at running by doing everything but running. You get better by running."
Chris Solinsky - American 10K Record Holder Speaking about his Coach
Small changes in your running program can produce large gains in your running performance.  In order to run faster you have to train properly.  When you do that, not only do you get faster, your rate of perceived exertion progressively becomes less and therefore the effort for the task at hand becomes easier.  This in turn makes the process of running and racing more efficient and ultimately you feel better during training and exercise. 
A run coach can put together a program that keeps training fresh and spontaneous while addressing your specific needs. Bayou City Endurance can provide a training plan based on your past efforts and your future goals, both long and short term.  Whether you are a beginner, a recreational runner, or an advanced competitor we can make you a better runner. 
In order to run fast, ya gotta run faster.  A run coach can help with that not only by helping you run faster but also pulling you back when you get too ambitious. 
A trip back in time . . .
April 2006 first night on the track
I'd never been on a track . . . you were so patient
I could only run . . . ok lets call it a jog :-) . . . 1 mile at 15 min pace (maybe) & then I was exhausted
I appreciate the time you took to explain those little white marks on the track over & over again . . . and giving me a different workout than everyone else.
You've made a difference in my life & I Thank You for that!
Dana - Ironman Fla, 2010
I owe you a HUGE thank you for all the track workouts and guidance this past year. It all has really helped me to get to where I currently am and has shown up in my race results.
Michael - Runner and Triathlete
I was so excited and emotional when I made my way to the finish line and realized that I qualified for Boston... through my tears of joy, I kept on saying " I did it, I did it, thank you God".  I was so excited I couldn't get through the George R. Brown finish stations quick enough..........
Marcy - Boston Qualifier Houston 2010
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